Friday, December 21, 2007

Lisbon, Portugal, Pictures

Above - Lisbon dinner

Above - Lisbon dinner

Above - picturesque cafe alley in Lisbon
Above - Lisbon

Above - Lisbon´s castle lit up
Above - Sintra, Portugal (tile bench)

Above - Sintra

Above - sloping streets of Lisbon
Above - Lisbon
Above - Me holding the pineapple tree

Above - Me lifting the pineapple tree

Above - Me and pineapple tree

Above - Lisbon

Above - Santa trolley

Above - giant tree in Lisbon park

Above - Lisbon

Above - are the people real or not?

Above - first day in the hostel, Lisbon

1 comment:

jrj said...

man, that first picture?

makes me wanna shout "Ki ki ki!"

Boldog Karacsonyt Katika! :-)