Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Comida del gato, my new roommate, improving Spanish

1. As I´m walking to the bus stop and up the stairs to the bridge, I notice an old man dangling a glass bowl full of cat food from a fairly sturdy rope. We´re not talking a few feet here either. As I´m ascending the stairs, I see a spotted white and black cat sitting patiently yet anxiously looking up at the bowl.

2. I have two new Irish roommates and a Spanish roommate. So far, everyone has been beyond nice. Even though I was exhausted after my first Monday back on the job, the Irish girl, Liz and I stayed up and talked. I feel more comfortable in a new place where the inhabitants are so friendly.

3. After finishing my first class at Lourdes, two girls walk out with me and we have a conversation in Spanglish. I can understand just about everything they say now, whereas before I was utterly hopeless. However, this doesn´t mean that I can have intelligent conversations about the meaning of life in Spanish. I´m still working on that.

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