Wednesday, February 6, 2008

¨Carnaval¨ kids, Segovian getaway, hunchbacks

1. Everywhere, children are dressed up as if it were Halloween. It´s carnival season and there are miniature pirates, knights, princesses, ninjas, tigers, cows, and more walking the streets.

2. Exploring a Spanish castle and seeing an amazing view of Segovia from the top.

3. After trying to explain what a camel hump is, an eight year old student tells me that old people have them too.

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jrj said...

i went to a basketball game last night. we were playing purdue. they had a man from bosnia on their team.

i spent the whole freaking game yelling as loud as possible about how bad his country is. all because, one time, i went to bosnia. and nearly died. the people in the surrounding seats were amazed how much i knew about bosnia. (i made some of it up.)