Friday, February 1, 2008

Ñ, sit down, and new student

1. After putting my beautifully colored and laminated alphabet cards on the board, I ask students to tell me how to say each letter. Then I tell them that two letters are missing, because it´s just too difficult to do the activity with ¨V¨ and ¨X¨. At least three children in different classes couldn´t believe that ¨ñ¨ wasn´t in the English alphabet.

2. I´m feeling pretty sick on the last day before Carnival weekend, so I play a game with the kids called ¨Whispering Dictation¨ where I can sit in my chair while the kids run around the class whispering sentences to each other.

3. I have a new adult student in my late class. He´s a bit nervous when he first arrives, but I can already see the two outgoing women making small talk so that he feels more comfortable. By the end of the lesson, he´s laughing along with us.

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