Tuesday, January 29, 2008

River ducks, listening, and planning

1. Seeing white ducks paddling around in the sunshine of the river below as I walk across the bridge to an afternoon-evening of teaching.

2. Listening to a colleague describe how she´ll spend her four day weekend in the south of Spain just walking through a national park, alone. Sounds soothing and peaceful. She describes how she´s unsure of going about it alone, but is motivated by the advice, ¨sometimes you just have to start something and from there, it will take care of itself.¨

3. Planning my own weekend trip to Segovia and looking forward to seeing new things.

1 comment:

jrj said...

dear kat,

you should introduce your colleague to whitesnake.

here i go again on my own
going down the only road i've ever known
like a drifter i was born to walk alone
here i go again on my own.