Monday, January 14, 2008

Uphill hike, student teacher, Spanish kids

1. Today, instead of taking the overcrowded 8 bus from the private school to the language school, I decided to walk the 40 minutes there. Because of this, my face is now rosy, I feel a rush from my heart working away to get me up the massive hills, and I saved 50 Euro cent.

2. Being a student and teacher simultaneously helps me to teach better and learn better. I´m still getting a kick out of ¨los consuegros¨ the word for grandparent-in-laws in Spanish.

3. Spanish children are better dressed than I am. Their little peacoats, polished shoes, ribboned hair, and matching socks make me look like a slob. They´re too innocent to realize how good they look.

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jrj said...

are you trying to tell us your getting married? that's awesome, congratulations!