Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Street cleaner, articulate, and grammar

1. On my way to International House this morning, I see an ordinary woman picking up trash on the side of the street. And she isn´t bearing the name, ¨limpiador¨ on the back of a bright yellow and black uniform.

2. I tried the ¨Articulate¨ game with my class of teenagers and they didn´t look like they´d pull out their teeth to curb boredom. The one where one kid has to describe a word (adjective, noun, verb, etc.) using relative clauses (Haha, I snuck in some learning) and the rest of the class has to guess the word. I barely spoke for the entire lesson. It was amazing.

3. Before above class, I ask David (Linguistic and Grammar Expert) what the difference between using ¨who¨ and ¨whose¨ is. The braniac twins (Teresa and Margarita) ask me the same question 10 minutes later. And thank God, I have an intelligent answer.

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