Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seeing words, nonconfrontational teens, green tea

1. After learning ¨city vocabulary¨ in my Spanish lesson today, I promptly spotted one new word we learned on a sign on my way to teach my first English lesson. ¨Ayuntamiento¨ or city hall.

One of my students holds up a picture of a monster with big, grotesque feet and says something in Spanish. If it had not been for my lesson this morning, I wouldn´t have known that she wanted me to smell the monster´s feet. Since when do books publish stinky smells?

2. I write, ¨Men´s Jobs¨ and ¨Women´s Jobs¨ on the board for a class of fourteen year olds. They give me stereotypical answers, however, one boy goes onto say in English that maybe there are more older, male psychologists because it was acceptable and more likely for men to work this profession years ago, while younger psychologists may include more women, because times are changing. Other students went onto to say that men nor women are better teachers. It just depends on the person.

3. I´ve been on such a Coke Light binge that I forgot how a hot cup of green tea can warm you up from head to toe.

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